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About Us

Prigex is a multitalented company well versed in web development. It's a place where individuals can turn, to allow themselves to express their creative thoughts and/ or personality to a plethora of people via online.

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Web simplicity

Have you ever had trouble navigating a website? Well your not the only one. It is a proven fact that if people don't find what they are looking for in your website within the first 15 seconds of visiting they will leave. We deter this from happening. Prigex P-Tech developers work one on one with each and every customer to assure that the website you are getting is going to be as easy as possible to navigate and get your message across.

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Message from the president of prigex...

We care about our customers. We care that you get the lowest price for the highest quality of work. Our employees are professionals in there specific areas of website technology and will insure that you get the quality website you are investing in. Join our Prigex family and get the personal care and quality that you have been searching for.

President and Chief Executive Officer:
Antonio Ciaramella